Social Licences

Our social licence holders build enterprises using our social enterprise principles

We believe that entrepreneurship should be done differently.  When we talk to a potential partner, our first conversation is not about money or products. It is about values. Only when we are happy that we share values do we consider the social objectives that we have in common. When we discuss business activities we can do together, there is an emphasis on sharing as well as trading.  The result is a SOCIAL LICENCE AGREEMENT.  Here are some of our social licence holders:

LocoSoco (based in the UK) is FairShares-inspired social business that is helping to create community-owned enterprises (starting with eco-friendly products). It was launched in 2018 and listed on the Vienna Stock Exchange in February 2019.

Education and Solidarity Network (based in France) is part of MGEN, a mutual society for teachers that supports social economy initiatives around the world. They are part of Group VYV (made up of French mutual societies).

FairShares Association Ltd (based in the UK, with international members) is a member-owned company constituted as a FairShares Non-Profit Association that helps people to apply the FairShares Model in enterprise education, social economy incubation, company conversions and social auditing.

Evolutesix (based on London and Brussels) is constituted as a FairShares Company. It offers personal and organisational development services to promote self-managing ‘free’ companies that cannot be bought or sold by institutional investors.

Social Enterprise Academy (based in Nigeria) provides accredited courses for students and schools, and is planning a Global Fellowship Programme.

For Good Causes (based in the UK) is a sharing platform that enables people to donate loyalty points from purchase cards to raise millions of pounds for charities and social enterprises.

SLAP (based in Croatia) is a network organisation with several FairShares Labs supporting social enterprise development in Croatia and the Balkans.

KMEGA (based in Kenya) is a social enterprise working at the grass roots, supporting street traders and farmers in Kenya.

Studio Pop (based in UK and Chile) is a social innovation initiative creating enterprises around the world.

Ready Unlimited (based in the UK) are pioneers in social enterprise education and social innovation in schools around the world.