Social Enterprise International Ltd has a sister enterprise called SEi (FairShares) Ltd through which it organises its trading activities. It co-founded this company in 2012 with SEi Directors Cliff Southcombe and Rory Ridley-Duff to initiate work on the FairShares Model and support EU projects. SEi (FairShares) Ltd is the world’s first ever FairShares Company and it reconstituted itself in 2018 to align with FairShares V3.1.

In 2016, SEi Ltd’s work on FairShares dramatically took off when six partner organisations (VSBI, Social Enterprise International, ECOSynergy, Elephant, SLAP and KophHandUndFuss) bid successfully for an EU grant to set up FairShares Labs that apply the FairShares Model to social enterprise development. Each lab will develop a process for incubating FairShares ideas (using a planner) and providing education (using a FairShares e-Learning and Exchange tool).  In 2017, ECOSynergy was replaced by Zöld-Aktív Social Cooperative, and started working with the other five partners on pilot projects that will run throughout 2018. The results of the pilots will be presented at a conference in the middle of 2019.

Download a brochure about FairShares Labs in:

Download the project’s methodology for supporting the incubation of FairShares enterprises

Download our ‘Country Context’ reports to learn about the environment for supporting FairShares

Download our series of case studies which have been evaluated against the FairShares Model

Project Introduction

Idea workshops, incubation workshops and planning workshops will be combined with coaching support to help groups prepare a FairShares Canvass that outlines their FairShares Plan.

A test version of the FairShares platform can be accessed at:

The labs bring together three elements of the FairShares Model:

…with learning techniques and ICT technologies that will help professionals run a Living Lab:

As participants develop their work within a FairShares Lab, they will answer questions about their FairShares enterprise. The FairShares Canvass helps participants understand the relevance, feasibility and sustainability of their ideas and turn them into social enterprise (business) plans


We can trace the idea of FairShares back to one of our summer schools in Sheffield some five years ago. In considering the enormous wealth inequality throughout the world and the role that capitalism plays in generating that inequality we discussed and conceived the idea of a business organisation that would actually create fairness rather than favour the already rich.

So FairShares is based on a simple premise; that all those who create wealth through enterprise, be they investors, workers, founders, customers or other supporting stakeholders should get a fair share of the wealth they create, a fair share of the profits and a fair say in the decision making of that enterprise.

What progress we have made since! Working with Sheffield Hallam University and especially Professor Rory Ridley-Duff, also a Director of our company we have created FairShares model rules, we have designed training courses for advisers, we have established a FairShares Institute and a FairShares Association that is open and provides the governance of what we now call the FairShares movement.

But none of this would be relevant if we did not have actual FairShares companies trading and proving the model. AnyShares in Arizona USA was the first,(originally called Mass Mosiacs ) and soon many followed around the world. Indeed we now think that FairShares is the fastest growing part of the Social Economy. So join the FairShares revolution. We have now set up, with our partners, a FairShares Lab project where you can get training and support and through the platform see where other Labs and FairShares companies are springing up.