One of the key international research projects SEi is involved in is NEMESIS.  A strong team of enterprise education specialists and SEi Directors are involved in this ground-breaking project.  The NEMESIS educational model involves helping young people develop the knowledge and ability to be part of social innovation to address social issues and help change the world for the better.  Educators, school leaders, social innovation practitioners (SIPs), researchers, businesses, students, parents and the local community from across Europe are working together on the project. We hope that the people involved will act as catalysts to drive organisational and systemic change for a fairer society.

Here’s a video explaining the key principles of NEMESIS: 

The first step that SEi was excited to lead was to find out what type of information and training teachers across Europe would like and need to develop social innovation education (SIE).  In February 2018, we issued an online survey to 130 teachers so they could give us their insights into what they already know about SIE. They let us know what else they need to deliver it in their schools. The survey responses meant that we have invaluable information from interested educators on which to base the first round of training with NEMESIS schools and partners.

The survey showed that teachers perceive SIE as a way to make the world a better place for everyone through collaborative education and co-creating innovative solutions to existing problems.

Teachers want to know:

  • What is social innovation?
  • What current issues in the world could be solved or improved using SIE?
  • How can we work with social innovation practitioners on these issues?
  • How can we use SIE to improve education for young people?
  • How can we work with stakeholders from the education sector and local community to make the world a better place?

SIE is a new term and we wanted to gauge which values and skills teachers and school leaders believe would be useful.  The word cloud below shows the results:


To get a better idea of the findings from the survey see the full cross-cultural needs report (available soon on the NEMESIS website).


Teacher training

In June 2018 we delivered CPD sessions to the teachers taking part in NEMESIS in Thessaloniki, Greece.  It was 2 days of training for teachers to help them move into the pilot phase by giving information and practice on the key elements of NEMESIS:

  • participating in a co-creation lab
  • how to use digital story telling
  • what is social innovation (SI)?
  • the NEMESIS philosophy
  • playing the board game ‘Commonspoly’
  • presenting the pilot timeline and expectations
  • how to effect organisational change
  • design thinking in SI by Designathon Works
  • using a collaborative decision-making process called OPERA (designed by Innotiimi).

For more detailed information on how the training was designed, carried out and the implications for future support and training see deliverable 2.2 – Professional development report (available soon on the NEMESIS website).


Ongoing professional development for teachers

On a sunny Saturday in October 2018 in Maia (Portugal) with our Spanish colleagues from ASOCCE and Valnalón we kicked off the pilot phase by training 30 secondary Portuguese teachers on some of the key elements for getting started:

  • The NEMESIS Social Innovation Education competencies
  • How to run a Co-creation Lab and activities you could use in one
  • The piloting process
  • Digital storytelling

It was a great day with everyone getting involved and engaging with the project…in Portuguese, Spanish and English!


Timeline: October 2018 – December 2020.

Countries involved:  France, Germany, Greece, Portugal, Spain, the Netherlands, the UK.


NEMESIS project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 770348.