Social Licences

By working with high quality organisations and enterprises who share our values and objectives. Social Enterprise International have created a global network of activists to create new social enterprises that change the world around us, for the better.

Social Enterprise Movement

We are founders of the social enterprise movement, tracing our history back to the pioneers in the UK in the early 1990s and joined by directors around the world, based in Italy, Poland, France, China and Indonesia.  All the Directors are leading activists, practitioners or academics.


Supporting the many initiatives around the world are a talented group of professional associates and partners covering every field in the social economy.

What We Do – Our Record

We have pioneered the way people manage and govern social enterprise by setting up models of social licensing, social audit and creating new development strategies (such as the FairShares Model).

We were the first in the world to run accredited social enterprise courses at Hull University in 2002 and delivered ground breaking summer schools with Sheffield Hallam University between 2009 – 2014.  We initiated the first social enterprise courses for teachers in 1999 (based on our co-publication with CAN called ‘Learning by Doing’), and spread social enterprise through courses in Asia and Africa.

We have developed and supported innovations around the world, pioneering new ways to engage in decision-making and development (e.g. Barrowcliff Model, Shared Growth, Social Enterprise Planning, OPERA).

We have been active in research through the publication of award winning papers. Professor Rory Ridley-Duff’s book ‘Understanding Social Enterprise: Theory and Practice’ (co-authored with Dr Mike Bull) is recognised by many in the field as the leading textbook for social enterprise studies.

We have not let up. If anything we are doing more, changing more, harnessing the skills and energy of more and more people and bringing social enterprise to new countries.  If you want to find out about our current training courses, international projects or want to use our skills to improve or develop your ideas, please contact us.

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